Innovative communication in local government

by Rum Charles on October 29, 2012

Having worked around the sector for the past 17 years and seen many community engagement programs, I can honestly say, the best program in 2012 by far is Frankston TV. Frankston TV has managed to turn a negative social media presence into a positive communication tool for the community.

Frankston TV was created to counter the negative stereotypes that existed on Youtube about the municipality of Frankston. Before Frankston TV, if you were to type in “Frankston” into Youtube, the first few pages will be filled with parodies and stereotypes about drug addicted, low socio-economic and demeaning clips about the area. Now, when you type in “Frankston” into Youtube, the first few pages are filled with positive community videos showing Frankston in a completely new light.

Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

What can your municipality do to challenge negative stereotypes?

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